Take Your Home Phone on the Go this Halloween

Halloween will be here before you know it, and this spooky time of year brings a night of tricks and treats. Whether you have little ones who want to go trick-or-treating, or if you have plans to attend the scariest Halloween soiree, you can stay connected to your home phone no matter where you plans lead you.

Stay connected by using a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) like Vonage. VoIP phone services uses the Internet to connect phones for you. This can allow you to have one phone number, but have access to your phone is several locations. With VoIP service, when someone makes a phone call, you can answer at your home or on the cell. This is a great way to streamline your phone service and to allow you to enjoy your Halloween fun without being worried about missing important phone calls.

Feel free to spend your Halloween any way you choose. Stay out late. Spend extra time with your children. Visit a haunted house or two, but whatever you do, don’t rush to get home to return messages. All your calls can be directed to your home or mobile phone, so there’s no need to cut the night short. Imagine how much fun you’ll be able to have knowing that you can be reached no matter where you are. Even if you’re not planning on going out, having reliable phone service is a key to your piece of mind. Also, one phone number is much easier to manage, especially if you are leaving your kids with family or a babysitter. Why give them two numbers to manage when just one will do? Imagine the peace of mind, you have knowing that no matter where you are, you can be contacted if there is an emergency. With a service like Vonage you can easily stay connected no matter where the night leads you.

If you still need convincing, contact your local Vonage provider. Contact Vonage Boston, MA if you are in Massachusetts. Let the friendly Vonage custom service representatives give you all the details about the way that VoIP works and how you can take advantage of special deals to make your home and mobile phone service more streamlined.

Three Reasons why it’s Preferable to Skip International Roaming Charges

Three Reasons why it’s Preferable to Skip International Roaming Charges
There are several reasons why it’s preferable to skip international roaming charges. Below are just three of them:

1. The first is that, the roaming charges per minute tend to be very high. If you’re not careful, you could come home to bill that almost parallels with your mortgage or car loan payments. One great alternative is to call your carrier’s retention center and ask about purchasing a separate international plan. This can greatly reduce your roaming charges. Especially if you work for the government, at a post office or at a college university, you may qualify for discounted plans.

2. Some WiFi plans offer free calling especially to those who have the same WiFi plans as you do. WiFi now has hotspots all over the world. Hence, unless you’re visiting an all-natural location completely isolated from civilization your chances of finding a WiFi hotspot are about 98% or higher. If you own a Smartphone, you can easily use it as its own WiFi hotspot. All you need to do is plug it into your laptop or tablet. The proper terms for that are tethering or Internet sharing. Skype also offers very low rates for both national and international calls. However, the calls are only free if you’re talking to another Skype user.

3. Subscriber Identity Module or SIM cards are also another great alternative option. The minutes can be topped off and incoming calls are typically free. However, it can only be used with a temporary international phone and your GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) frequency has to parallel with that of your travel location. Chances are you will also need to ask for your phone to be unlocked. There’s also still a high chance that you will be charged even for incoming calls that you don’t answer. That being said, SIM cards are probably the best solution if you’re planning to make calls to clients only or you’re travelling alone on a personal vacation on a temporary “get away”.

Travelling is often costly enough and your phone calls should be one of the last things to add to it.